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Cyber Insurance is an effective tool for managing residual risk, and the Incident Response Services it provides can make operational the Incident Response Plan that the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) requires every company to have.

System breaches and cybersecurity are a source of concern for any company, given the nature of the managed information. As evidenced by recent systems breaches, how an organisation handles a crisis plays a significant role in whether the CEO and senior executives (CIO, COO, CMO, CRO, CFO, etc.) remain in place.


  • Third party liability for loss suffered
  • Management of security breaches and loss of personal data
  • Covers administrative fines imposed by the competent authorities
  • Business interruption due to security incidents
  • Management of cyber extortion incidents by specialist groups and payment of a ransom in Bitcoin
  • Money transfer order to an unknown recipient after receiving a forged document via email
  • Cost of telecommunication charges due to illegal access & use of corporate call center


  • Selection of the best solutions worldwide
  • Reliability & Security of Lloyd’s
  • Innovative insurance coverage
  • Competitive insurance costs


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