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The Secure Home for Expatriates & Holiday Rental Residences program is specially designed to provide insurance protection for permanent residences or holiday homes owned by foreign nationals residing in Greece, and for spaces rented out to third parties for a limited period, mainly for tourist purposes. The program combines innovative coverage, Lloyd’s reliability, and competitive costs, making insurance affordable for everyone.

Due to the nature of the program, high General Liability limits are provided, which start at €1,000,000 (in addition to the insured amount for the building and the content) with the possibility of an increase up to €2,000,000.


  • High General Liability Limits, which can go
    up to €2.000.000
  • Coverage of third parties’/tenants’/users’ personal effects of
    (non-accidental damage)
  • Accidental Damage: Expenses for accidental damage
  • Feel Secure: Expenses for necessary alterations to the residence after the accidental permanent and total disability of the insured or of their family member
  • Pet Care: Expenses for pet care
  • Bicycle Protection: bicycle theft
  • Psychological support for the family: In case of robbery or destruction of the family home
  • Card Protection: unauthorized use of credit/debit card by a third party
  • Document Protection: loss of personal documents
  • Food Protection: food spoilage due to power failure


  • The only plan in the Greek market with the option to issue a policy in Greek or English
  • The reliability & Security of Lloyd’s
  • Simple, friendly, and easy-to-understand insurance terms
  • Innovative insurance cover
  • Competitive insurance cost

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