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Secure Home offers protection on one of your most important assets, your home, combining innovative cover, Lloyd’s reliability, and competitive costs making insurance affordable for everyone.


  • Feel Secure: Costs for necessary alterations to your home / the residence / the building following permanent total disability of the insured or a family member due to an accident
  • Pet Care: Costs for the care of pets
  • Bicycle Protection: bicycle theft
  • Psychological Family Support: in the event of theft in or destruction of the family home
  • Card Protection: unauthorized use of credit/debit card by a third party
  • Document Protection: loss of personal documents
  • Food Protection: food spoilage due to power failure


  • Lloyd’s Reliability & Solvency
  • Simple, friendly, and easy-to-understand insurance terms and conditions
  • Competitive insurance costs
  • Simple insurance procedures
  • Online policy issuance for Secure Home Value


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