Privacy Liability, Data Breach & Cyber Risks Insurance

The volume of personal data collected by businesses has increased exponentially in recent years. The need for effective management of risks related to the safety and use of these data is a major challenge for businesses today.

Secure PI3

Secure PI 3, is the only Insurance Professional Liability Intermediary program which provides Privacy Breach coverage mitigating the risk of undermining the reputation of the Insurance Intermediary of possible electronics breach , physical records breach, and loss of customer data.

Secure Home

We offer a range of home products which aspire to cover all client demands at premium levels which strike a first class analogy between premium and perils covered.

With an established presence of more than 50 years of experience in the International, British and Greek Insurance markets the CROKER name continues. Following in the footsteps of Rodney Bray Croker, in October 1999 CROMAR LTD was established under the administration of John Arthur Bray Croker offering insurance services at the highest European standards.
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